Classic TV Shows with Birds

Following along the lines of my last two blogs, I came up with a list of classic TV shows involving birds. I may have distracted myself from grad school work just to post this blog. This list may inspire me to create a bird-themed Netflix. I’m pretty sure at least five people would sign up for that. Anyway, here’s a couple of cool pictures to prep you for the ridiculous puns to follow.

Bird TV Shows

Doctor Hoo – Follows the time-traveling adventures of an owl from another planet.
Ducks of Hazzard – A family of ducks in the south experiences adventurous run-ins with geese and the law.
The Dove Boat – A group of doves experience love and adventure on a cruise boat.
Full Grouse – A widowed male grouse receives support in raising his young chicks. The unorthodox family deals with making sure everyone is adequately fed.
House of Cardinals – A political drama following the rise of a red bird to power.
Jays of our Lives – Soap opera focused on the relationship drama between a group of corvids.
Loony Toons – An animated musical show involving the wailing and yodeling of loons.
Prison Crake – A waterbird uses marking and bands on his feathers and legs to help free his wrongfully-convicted brother from prison.
QuailSpin – Animated show using characters from The Jungle Book that follows aerial business operations in a town of gamebirds.
Saved by the Bellbird – Show following the adventures and struggles of adolescent bellbirds.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about quail?


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