Classic Bird Movies

My last blog described a few of my favorite classic books involving birds, such as The Scarlet Feather and The Finch that Stole Christmas. This inspired me to put off grad school work to write about some of the most interesting bird-themed movies. By the way, did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of eggs? His strange phobia may have been the inspiration for his famous thriller “The Birds”. I’ve heard that Hitchcock hatched the plot after watching a murder of crows (yes, that’s a real term!) scramble to grab food after he dropped his groceries and a few boxes cracked open. Now that I’ve made a few dumb puns, I’ll stop egging you on and get to the list of movies. But first, some cool raptors.


Left – Xena the Eurasian Eagle Owl from the World Bird Sanctuary, Right – Gandalf the Gray Owl from my sanctuary.

  1. Ani – A musical about a young orphaned tropical bird that tries to escape her nest.
  2. Geese – Experience the sounds and courtships of teenage geese.
  3. Black Swans – Dancing swans lose their sanity.
  4. The Godwitfather – Follows the drama of a shorebird mob family, including the ominous delivery of a seahorse head on a sand bed.
  5. Starling Wars: The Emperor Penguin Strikes Back – The Millennium Falcon struggles to survive as the Emperor Penguin sends the full brunt of his forces against the rebels.
  6. The Adventures of Robin-Hooded Warbler – A songbird experienced in archery takes food from the rich Golden-Crowned Kinglets.
  7. Good Whippoorwill Bunting – A highly intelligent bird receives guidance from a nightjar psychiatrist.
  8. Ben-Murre – A Jewish seabird is betrayed by a friend and sent into slavery in the Roman Empire. He finds redemption after engaging in water races and meeting a Basilisk Lizard.
  9. High Loon – A romantic western involving a drug-addicted loon and dueling tremolos.
  10. The Macawshank Redemption – Imprisoned parrots find redemption while serving time. Unfortunately, one of them is betrayed by a prisoner with a homemade knife.

Pair of Pacific loon swimming on a pond

A romance for the ages


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