Classic Bird Books

I enjoy watching birds and reading books. Sometimes, I even like to read books about birds. In case you’re starving for interesting new reading material, I’ve come up a list of some of my favorite books about birds and included a short synopsis of each one. Before we get started, here are a couple of pictures of cool birds to whet your appetite.

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Left -Shadow the Bateleur Eagle, Right – Tigger the Tawny Owl. I worked with both of these birds while interning at the World Bird Sanctuary. Tigger was a very loving bird and the first bird of prey I ever handled.

A Tale of Two Chickadees – Tells the story of two different species of chickadees who share some remarkable similarities.
Game of Turnstones – Follows the violent wars and drama between numerous families of powerful shorebirds.
Goodnight Loon – A children’s bedtime story set on a lake in Minnesota.
If You Give a Grouse a Cookie – Children’s story about the fallout from giving a game bird a cookie.
Lord of the Wings: Return of the Kinglet – A bird of royal lineage finds the ruby crown and takes his rightful place as king of the skies as a battle for the ages begins. Also features Dwarf Jays, Elf Owls, Storks, and Eagles.
Macaws – A deadly parrot wreaks havoc in New England forests.
Moby-Dickcissel – A birder develops an unhealthy obsession over finding a grassland bird.
Tequila Mockingbird – A Mimic learns to deal with prejudice and injustice while fighting his addiction to alcohol.
The Chat in the Hat – A chatty bird encourages kids to enjoy reading and have fun.
The Finch that Stole Christmas – A greedy bird steals all the Christmas Cookies from a small town.
The Scarlet Feather – A tanager struggles to find redemption after having an affair with a macaw.


Male scarlet tanager in breeding plumage, perched amid beech leaves in springScarlet macaw in flight, side view

Who wouldn’t want to read about these lovebirds?


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