Tasty Bird Cereals

While chasing falcons for my graduate research this morning, I got a bit silly and came up with a list of bird-themed cereals. I plan to contact General Mills about marketing these soon. Let the head-shaking and eye-rolling begin!

Eurasian hoopoe feeding chick in mid-air

Hoopoes are some of my favorite birds . . . and the inspiration for this list.

Bird-flavored Cereals

• Apple Chats
• Corn Crakes
• Cuckoo Puffins
• Ducky Charms
• Fruit Hoopoes
• Goldeneye Grahams
• Honey Bunches of Hoatzin
• Honey Nut Vireos
• Raisin Brant
• Rice Kiskadees
• Shredded Wheatear
• Special Jay
• TUTI Pebbles

Black-capped vireo female

Who wouldn’t want Honey Nut Vireos?!



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