Pearls of Wisdom

After a long hiatus, I’m back to blogging again!  Life has been crazy between preparing for graduate school and working in the field in Indiana.  There will be multiple posts in the near future about my recent adventures in Indiana studying birds.  Pictures will also be posted and I may have a few more bird puns/songs for your entertainment.  For now, here are some pearls of wisdom I’ve gathered from the various jobs I’ve had working with birds.

 1. Don’t sleep with a machete.

2. Never get between a girl and her coffee.

3. Everything is better with glowsticks . . . and ice cream.

4. Don’t take a bass boat onto the Gulf of Mexico . . . you might end up wading through chest-high saltwater after failing to bail out the boat with your boots.

5. Try not to look like a birder on a secure naval warfare base in Indiana . . . you might get held up at gunpoint.

6. Don’t play keep-away with a vulture’s food.

7. White-necked Ravens have a more painful bite than eagles, owls or Luis Suarez.

8. Harris Hawks hunt in packs and can stack.  Like them or face my fury.

9. If you’re facing a wall of rose reaching over three meters high, don’t try to fight through it or you’ll end up on the ground, bleeding and in pain while a cuckoo laughs at you.

10. You will always lose in tug-of-rat with a ground hornbill.



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