Bad Bird Puns 2

Last week, I blogged about a few bird puns involving pop culture references.  I enjoyed doing it and have decided to create another list of bird names interfused with movies, books, and idioms.  Don’t worry, I’ll be writing real blog posts again shortly.  Right now I’m busy developing a healthcare website for birds.  The site actually works and only cost me 6 dollars.  A bird just has to spend 3 peanuts to sign up for the program.  The main problem right now is that the owls are literally crashing the computers because they try to eat the mouse.  Other problems include Blue Jays eating all the peanuts and Cardinals filing claims that say an mirror image of themselves attacked and stunned them.  Hmm . . . you’re probably rolling your eyes at me or screaming about how corny I am.  I’ll distract you with a Snowy Owl!

Photo: A snowy owl perched atop a rock(National Geographic)

Now that you’re happy again, on to the list of bird puns we go!

  1. Chick Jaeger
  2. What does the Fox Sparrow say?
  3. Curiosity Killed the Catbird
  4. If You Give a Grouse a Cookie . . .
  5. How the Finch Stole Christmas
  6. Ducks of Hazzard
  7. Martin Luther Kingbird
  8. Robin Hooded Warbler
  9. Searching for Bobby Kingfisher
  10. Starling Wars: The Emperor Penguin Shrikes Back
  11. Lord of the Ring-necked Pheasants: Return of the Kinglets (Featuring Eagles, Elf Owls, Dwarf Jays and Storks)

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