Bad Bird Puns

For your entertainment, here is a short list of bird puns that either I or one of my friends have made up.  Some of the puns you may not completely get if you’re not a “bird nerd”.  Anyway, many of these names were created while I was in Indiana studying birds and trying to come up with good team names.  Many of them involve pop culture references and are quite cheesy.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate these puns more than the cover of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ that I thought about doing while dressed in different bird costumes. 

  1. Tequila Mockingbird
  2. Cardinal Sins
  3. Robin the Bank Swallow
  4. Towhee or not Towhee
  5. The No-holds Barred Owls
  6. Counting Crows (Cheating because it’s the name of a band)
  7. Black Hawk Down (Cheating again!)
  8. Larry Bird hits the Jay
  9. Thrushpuppies
  10. Geese’s Pieces
  11. Little Grouse on the Prairie
  12. Captain Jackdaw Sparrow
  13. Victorious Egrets
  14. Snakes on a Crane 
  15. Good Whippoorwill Bunting

If this inspires you, try checking out to see what happens when someone gets creative and photoshops celebrity faces on top of bird bodies while forming puns.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same after seeing Kiwi Herman and Thrush Limbaugh.  Adios for now!   Have fun watching the Superb Owl tonight!



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