The Birds are Singing

I’m in Madison Indiana doing bird surveys and conquering the great outdoors.  Part of my job as a point count technician involves distinguishing different birds species by sound.  There really is a wide variety of musical sounds and strange noises within the bird world.  One of the ways to learn bird songs is to use mnemonics.  The Eastern Towhee sounds like he is singing “Drink your tea!”  Usually when I hear that, I shout out “You drink your tea!”  The Carolina Wren sings “Cheeseburger Cheeseburger” or “Teakettle Teakettle”.  One of my favorites is the Eastern Wood-Pewee which calls out “PE-WEE!”  Sometimes when I’m walking through the woods near my coworkers I imitate the Pewee song to alert them to my presence.  I also enjoy imitating other bird noises.  Sometimes people will look at me as though I’m crazy but I just ignore them and skip through the woods while pretending to be a Goldfinch.  The main bird we are focusing on is the Wood Thrush, which has one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. (You can listen to a Wood Thrush at  There’s nothing like being in nature, early in the morning, with the sun rising and the birds singing . . . and thorns grabbing your ankles.  I actually cue in on bird songs so much that I try to identify them in movies and shows.  I also have many dreams about seeing exotic birds.  My coworkers have dreams of Harris Hawks because I talk about them so much.  Harris Hawks are cool because they hunt in packs and can stack!  Because a picture is worth a thousand words . . .


3 thoughts on “The Birds are Singing

  1. Hi Josh, I sure enjoyed reading this post! Nice write up on vocalizations. I can almost hear those birds right as I type! Have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow. I am going to do “Part 1 of 2” about the Leibster Award tomorrow (which is usually an off day for my blog by the way but I think readers will like it).

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